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Teodor Appliance Repair boasts extensive expertise in repairing ice machines. Our ice machine repair services cover the entirety of Florida, with our technicians equipped with the requisite skills and tools to tackle issues like leaks or unusual noises during operation. Customer satisfaction is paramount, reflected in our comprehensive 90-day warranty on all repair work. Payment is hassle-free too — we’ll finalize the details and costs post-diagnosis, ensuring you only pay once your ice machine is fully functional. Our reputation for excellence is well-deserved, evident in our track record of service!

Firstly, our service excels—rest assured, your ice machine won’t encounter issues right after our visit.
Secondly, we back our work with a robust 90-day warranty on all repairs.
Lastly, payment is post-repair, ensuring transparency and peace of mind.

Moreover, our distinctive approach to repairs prioritizes longevity, enhancing your ice machine’s lifespan. Discover this firsthand by availing our ice machine repair services!

✓AvailabilityOur ice machine repair service operates 7 days a week, 365 days a year, including holidays and weekends.
✓ Service AreasWe serve virtually every city in the Tampa, FL area, and surrounding areas
✓ Experience10+Years
✓ Types of devicesAll Major Brands
✓ Residential and Commercial RepairBoth residential and commercial ice machines are repaired
✓ WarrantyA guarantee is always provided for the work done
✓ Attractive Rebate ProgramBuy with a Discount

Types of Ice Machines We Repair

At Teodor Appliance Repair, we specialize in repairing a wide variety of ice machines, ensuring your establishment stays cool and operational. Our experienced technicians are equipped to handle all types of ice machine issues, from minor malfunctions to major breakdowns. Here are the most common types of ice machines we service: undercounter ice machines, freestanding ice machines, modular ice machines, countertop ice machines, dispencer ice machines and flake ice machines.

Regardless of your ice machine’s type or brand, Teodor Appliance Repair stands ready to offer dependable and effective repair solutions. Scheduling an appointment is convenient and hassle-free, whether online or by phone. Feel free to reach out by calling us or filling out our form — it’s a quick and straightforward process!

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    When you contact us, you can expect same-day service! We work quickly to get your ice machine back in working order. Reach out by phone or fill out our contact form, and we’ll schedule an appointment that suits your availability. Here’s the process: we set up a visit, our technician arrives at your chosen time, and performs a diagnostic on your ice machine. They’ll identify the issue and propose solutions, discussing the repair cost and any needed part replacements. Our technician will then repair your ice machine on the same day, minimizing downtime for you! Teodor service is exceptional, and we value customer feedback to meet expectations. We guarantee that after our repair, your ice machine will operate smoothly without any problems. Teodor Appliance Repair delivers high-quality ice machine repairs, ensuring customer satisfaction. Book a repair for your ice machine today!

    Undercounter Ice Machines

    These compact units are commonly found in bars, restaurants, and small kitchens. They are relatively easy to repair due to their accessible design, making it simpler for technicians to diagnose and fix issues with components like the compressor, water supply line, and ice bin.

    Freestanding Ice Machines

    Versatile and suitable for various commercial settings, freestanding ice machines are typically larger and produce a high volume of ice. Repairing these machines often involves addressing issues with the water filtration system, evaporator coils, and condenser unit, which require specialized tools and expertise.

    Dispenser Ice Machines

    These machines not only produce ice but also dispense it directly into containers or cups, making them ideal for self-service areas in restaurants or convenience stores. Repairing dispenser ice machines may require addressing issues with the ice dispensing mechanism, checking for clogs or malfunctions in the delivery system, and ensuring proper sanitation to prevent contamination.

    Flake Ice Machines

    Popular in supermarkets, seafood markets, and healthcare facilities, flake ice machines produce small, soft flakes of ice. Repairing flake ice machines may involve cleaning or replacing the ice-making components, checking for water quality issues that can affect ice texture, and ensuring proper drainage to prevent ice buildup and machine malfunctions.

    Modular Ice Machines

    These machines are known for their high ice production, making them suitable for busy commercial kitchens, hotels, and banquet facilities. Repairing modular ice machines may involve servicing the ice-making assembly, cleaning or replacing the evaporator and condenser coils, and ensuring proper water flow and drainage to maintain optimal performance.

    Countertop Ice Machines

    Convenient for small offices, break rooms, or home use, countertop ice machines are compact and easy to install. Repairing these machines often involves troubleshooting issues with the ice-making mechanism, checking for water leaks or blockages, and ensuring proper electrical connections for consistent ice production.

    Contact Us for Any Ice Machine Repair

    We are happy to offer our services to repair your ice maker if it is experiencing problems or malfunctions. Understanding that some people may prefer alternative means of contacting us over the phone, simply fill out the short form below. Call an ice maker repair specialist near your location without any hassle!

    Call us today: (863) 594-1784
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      Common Ice Machine Issues

      Here are several typical problems that ice machines frequently encounter. Have a glance — you might discover your issue detailed here. Be assured, we possess the expertise to address all these concerns, making us your dependable choice for ice machine repairs.

      Insufficient ice production
      Ice machine not turning on
      Ice machine making loud or strange noises
      Ice machine producing ice with an unusual taste or odor
      Ice machine leaking water
      Ice machine not filling with water
      Ice machine producing ice that is too small or too large
      Ice machine not dispensing ice properly
      Ice machine freezing up or frosting over
      Ice machine not maintaining proper temperature
      Ice machine producing ice with impurities or debris
      Ice machine not cycling properly
      Ice machine displaying error codes or indicators
      Ice machine experiencing electrical issues or power failures
      Ice machine not draining properly
      Ice machine compressor not working
      Ice machine evaporator coil freezing
      Ice machine water inlet valve malfunctioning
      Ice machine condenser coil dirty or clogged
      Ice machine pump not functioning
      Ice machine control board failure

      Testimonials About Our Ice Machine Repair Specialists

      Feast service, Highly trained tech fixed my dryer issue right away. Would highly recommend to fix you appliances
      Tony Miele
      Tony Miele
      Amazing service and very professional! Andrew came to repair our ice machine. We will be calling them for any future work/repairs.
      Piya Saengfah
      Piya Saengfah
      Everything went very well with Teodor. Andrew showed up on time, evaluated the situation quickly, ordered the new parts needed for my Thermador refrigerator and when the parts arrived everything was fixed and it's now working great at the agreed upon price. I'd definitely recommend Teodor
      Darren Ghanayem
      Darren Ghanayem

      Ice Machine Repair in Your Area

      Our main office, Teodor Appliance Repair, is located in Tampa, Florida. However, our ice machine repair team serves not just Tampa but nearly 40 nearby cities as well. If your location isn’t mentioned below, don’t worry. If you found us by searching for «ice machine repair near me» you’re in the right place. Just contact us via phone or by filling out our form, and we’ll quickly reach out to confirm the required details.