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Teodor Appliance Repair has extensive experience fixing all types, designs, and brands of stoves and ovens. We offer repair services throughout Florida. Our main office is in Tampa, FL, but we also serve all nearby areas. A family can’t live without a working stove and oven. These appliances are just as important as a washing machine or refrigerator, if not more. We often cook more frequently than we do laundry, so keeping these appliances in good working order is crucial for family life. We understand this better than anyone, which is why we’re always ready to quickly resolve any issues you have with them.

It’s important to understand that ovens and stoves are complex appliances. Repairing them requires high qualifications and knowledge. But the most important thing is following safety protocols during repairs. Let’s be honest, not many people are familiar with these safety rules. So, if your stove or oven breaks down, no matter the type or design, we don’t recommend trying to fix it yourself unless you have the proper knowledge and skills. You could put yourself and others at risk. Trust our stove and oven repair experts instead. They’ll do the job right, provide a warranty for their work, and give you a run-down on any important usage tips if needed.

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    First off, our service is top-notch — you won’t have to worry about your stove or oven (range) breaking down right after our visit.
    Secondly, because we’re confident in our work, we offer up to a 90-day warranty on all repairs.
    Lastly, you only pay after the job is done. We’ll agree on the cost upfront, after diagnosing the issue.

    Moreover, there’s another aspect that we consider our competitive advantage: our approach to repair is not just about fixing the appliance but also about extending its lifespan as much as possible. You can see this for yourself by booking our range stove & oven repair services!

    ✓AvailabilityOur range stove & oven repair service operates 7 days a week, 365 days a year, including holidays and weekends.
    ✓ Service AreasWe serve virtually every city in the Tampa, FL area, and we also accept requests from surrounding areas.
    ✓ Experience10+Years
    ✓ Types of devicesAll Major Brands
    ✓ Residential and Commercial RepairWe repair both residential and commercial range stove & oven
    ✓ WarrantyWe always give a guarantee for the work done
    ✓ Attractive Rebate ProgramBuy with a Discount

    Based on our experience, we often see a few common issues when repairing range stoves and ovens. First, there’s the problem with the electric ignition, which includes a non-working igniter or burners that aren’t functioning properly. Second, sometimes the stove doesn’t heat up properly, making it hard to control the cooking temperature. Third, issues like a faulty gas control, non-working burner switches, or orange flames on a gas stove are also common. Fourth, a broken oven thermostat is another frequent problem. These issues indicate that your kitchen appliances need servicing. Our stove repair specialists are ready to help!

    Types of Gas or Electric Stoves We Repair

    As mentioned earlier, stoves and ovens can be either electric or gas-powered. Generally, they can be categorized into four main types:

    range stove

    Range Stove

    More about Range Stove
    Range stove: the most common type, combining an oven and stove. They come in both gas and electric versions. Electric ones can be either induction or ceramic. There are also built-in ranges where the oven and stove share a control panel and are integrated into the kitchen during installation.
    wall oven

    Wall Oven

    More about Waall Oven
    Built-in Ovens: very popular with kitchen designers because they save space and look sleek. These are typically electric, although you can occasionally find gas versions. Double ovens, where two ovens are stacked vertically, are also common.


    More about Cooktop
    Cooktops: these can be gas or electric (either ceramic or induction) and are often built into the kitchen. They usually have between 2 to 6 burners, with 4 being common for electric and 5 for gas.
    microwave oven

    Microwave oven

    More about Microwave Oven
    Microwaves: everyone knows about microwaves. While there’s debate about their cooking benefits, they are undeniably the most popular kitchen appliance. They come in both freestanding and built-in models, varying in size, function, and brand, but all heat food using high-frequency currents around 2.4 GHz

    Our company repairs all types of ovens and stoves, no matter the brand or purpose. We fix both residential and commercial ovens and stoves. Schedule a visit from our technician at a time that works for you, and get your appliance repaired with a same-day warranty!

    Call us today: (863) 594-1784
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      Kitchen Stove Repair and Replacement

      Our specialists provide repair and replacement services for stoves, cooktops, and ovens. We work with all brands and types of appliances, from residential to commercial. All our work, whether it’s a repair or replacement, comes with a warranty. We only start repairs after diagnosing the issue and getting your approval on the cost. You can trust us for safe and guaranteed repairs or replacements of complex kitchen appliances like stoves and ovens. Remember, these repairs involve high electrical currents or gas, which can be very dangerous. Never try to repair these appliances yourself! You could harm yourself and others. Call our technician, and they’ll handle everything perfectly!

      Range Stove Repair

      We also repair or replace combination units where the oven and cooktop are in one device. This type of kitchen appliance is very common and can be electric (convection or induction) or gas. Nearly all kitchen appliance brands have these in their lineup, and we can repair any of them!

      Range Stove Repair

      Wall Oven Repair

      Wall ovens are very popular these days because they’re convenient — you don’t have to bend down to use them. These units can be mounted on any wall and come in single, double, or even triple configurations. They fit seamlessly into almost any kitchen decor. We are skilled at installing, replacing, and repairing wall ovens, regardless of the brand!

      Wall Oven Repair

      Cooktop Repair

      Cooktops are probably the most used kitchen appliances. They can be electric, gas, or induction. No matter the type, these units can be built into the kitchen or stand alone. Manufacturers aim for ergonomic perfection with these, so cooking is a joy. We repair all types and can replace them if a repair isn’t practical.

      Cooktop repair

      Microwave Repair

      Microwaves are indispensable in the kitchen. They not only heat food quickly, saving you a lot of time, but their biggest advantage is that kids can use them safely too! Modern microwaves can have grilling functions and almost all the features of an oven, like convection cooking. There are many models with different functionalities. If your microwave breaks down, call us, and we’ll help you fix it!

      Microwave repair

      Common Oven or Stove Repair Issues

      The most important thing to know is never try to fix your oven or stove yourself under any circumstances. Remember, you’re dealing with dangerous energy sources, whether it’s gas or electricity. If your ceramic cooktop isn’t working, the fan in your oven isn’t spinning, or the auto-ignition on your gas stove isn’t functioning, don’t try to solve the problem yourself! You’re putting yourself and those around you at great risk. Call our technician — they’ll fix any issue the same day and provide a warranty for the work

      Call us today: (863) 594-1784
      or fill out the form and we will contact you ourselves.

      Oven not heating
      Oven doesn’t bake evenly
      Oven broiler problem
      Stove surface element won’t work
      Range surface element won’t turn Off
      Oven thermostat needs calibration
      Oven smells like a gas leak
      Convection fan is not spinning
      Glass stove cracked; top replacement
      Oven is not reaching the temperature
      Gas stove flame orange
      Gas oven won’t heat up
      Gas oven won’t turn on
      Oven self-cleaning problem
      Oven hinges problem
      Oven temperature sensor failure
      Cooktop or oven knob won’t turn
      Propane and natural gas appliance conversions
      Oven won’t turn Off
      Oven door repair
      Oven fan keeps running
      Error code on the electronic panel
      Range burners spark all the time
      Oven igniter malfunction
      Downdraft fan is not turning On
      Glass top stove crack
      Electric oven is not working, but the stovetop is

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      We are happy to repair your stove or oven that is broken or not working properly. We know that many people don’t like to make phone calls — no problem! You can contact us by filling out just a few fields in the form below. Book a handyman for range stove, oven repair near you!

      Call us today: (863) 594-1784
      or fill out the form and we will contact you ourselves.


        Most Common Range Stove & Oven Brands We Repair

        Here’s a list of range stove & oven brands that we find to be the most popular in our area. These are the brands we encounter most frequently in our work:

        Customer Reviews for Our Repair Experts

        Feast service, Highly trained tech fixed my dryer issue right away. Would highly recommend to fix you appliances
        Tony Miele
        Tony Miele
        Amazing service and very professional! Andrew came to repair our ice machine. We will be calling them for any future work/repairs.
        Piya Saengfah
        Piya Saengfah
        Everything went very well with Teodor. Andrew showed up on time, evaluated the situation quickly, ordered the new parts needed for my Thermador refrigerator and when the parts arrived everything was fixed and it's now working great at the agreed upon price. I'd definitely recommend Teodor
        Darren Ghanayem
        Darren Ghanayem

        Same-Day Range Stove & Oven Repair in Your Area

        Our main office, Teodor Appliance Repair, is located in Tampa, Florida. However, our range stove, oven repair specialists serve not just Tampa but almost all the nearby cities — over 40 locations. If you don’t see your area in the list below, don’t worry. If you searched for «oven repair near me» or «range stove repair near me» and found our site, you’re in the right place. Just give us a call or fill out the form — we’ll call you back to confirm the details.